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Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga is a wonderful practice to take up during pregnancy helping to ease discomforts, improve sleep and prepare for birth.  

These classes combine a perfect combination of breathing practice (pranayama) with stretching (asana) and relaxation (savasana) to help ease discomforts  and prepare for birth.  Very helpful for those with low back ache and pelvic pain.

Join Tracy for a gentle and welcoming practice perfect for your changing body regardless of whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogini!


AMPTHILL: Friday 7.30-9.00pm BOOK NOW

A pregnant woman relaxing in childs pose
"I can't recommend these classes enough! I did yoga for pregnancy classes and thoroughly enjoy them.  The tools and techniques practiced helped me to have a positive pregnancy and birth."

" I have loved my Friday night yoga, the perfect start to the weekend."
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