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Tracy Machin


I re-trained as an NCT Antenatal practitioner when my children were young, as I realised I wanted to stay at home with them, but needed to have some income. The NCT offered me the opportunity to re-train and gain a degree in Antenatal Education, which opened up a whole new world for me.  I started volunteering with my local branch whilst doing my degree and started supporting parents, who became friends and colleagues.


I love my job and consider it an honour to support couples as they make the journey in parenthood.  I teach NCT Antenatal classes across Hertfordshire and Central Bedfordshire, and when I am not being a mum-taxi, I volunteer for my local NCT Branch in Mid Beds where I can be found demonstrating slings, or just making the tea.

The opportunity to undertake baby massage training came along as my youngest started school and I had space in my day to teach.  It soon became my favourite class to teach, spending the day with new parents and their newborns, reassuring them and empowering them to trust their parenting instinct.  I began my own yoga practice soon after.  It showed me how I could add it to my support for families.  I could see that pregnant women need the physical preparation for labour and birth, and a space to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. 


I am happily married to Anthony, and we live with our 3 gorgeous children in central Bedfordshire.

Qualifications & CPD:

2012  DipHE Antenatal Education (NCT & University of Bedfordshire)

2015  Baby Massage (NCT & University of Worcester)

2015  Babywearing peer supporter training (School of Babywearing)

2016  Babywearing training (NCT)

2016  Baby Brain Development & Attachment (NCT)

2018  Baby Massage Update (NCT)

2018  Midwifery & Obstetric Update (NCT)

2020  Yoga for Pregnancy (NCT & University of Worcester)

2020  Mother & Baby Yoga (NCT & University of Worcester)

2021  Yoga for resolving Diastasis (Birthlight)

2023  GDPR Training (NCT)

Tracy Machin
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