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Baby Massage

Over the 5 sessions in the course Tracy takes you gently through an hour and 15 minutes learning baby massage strokes.  The course uses eye contact, singing and touch to relax your baby.  Singing has been shown to increase baby’s communication skills and support brain development.  The course allows you to be led by your baby’s cues and support you to learn how your baby communicates with you.


At the start of the course Tracy will take you through about 25 minutes of baby massage to allow your baby to get used to the strokes, the class and the singing.  Over the weeks you will add to the strokes, allowing baby to habituate and become relaxed in the sessions and with the massage.  The rest of the session takes time to chat to the other class attendees and create a support network for you both.


Benefits of baby massage:

  • Babies need touch and movement for the healthy development of their brain

  • Touch brings a sense of communication, stimulation and relaxation

  • Massage is known to deepen and regulate breathing

  • Massage can regulate baby’s sleep

  • Babies can take time to regulate their digestive system and massage can help  

  • Massage is a practical way of communicating love and affection to your baby

Courses Starting:



Tuesday 16th April

10.15 - 11.30

Tuesday 16th April


Monday 3rd June


Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby
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